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How to play Dino, MyStake’s casino crash game

Dino is an original game created by MyStake casino. It is a crash game, where a dinosaur tries to avoid an asteroid falling on him. Discover this game's rules, as well as tips and strategies to play it better.
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Dino the crash game from Mystake Casino

Dino is a game that is becoming more and more popular, this Mini game is exclusive to MyStake casino. Other online casinos do not feature this game.

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After several checks, it turns out that MyStake does not pay players playing on their casino. We urge you not to attempt to register or deposit. Otherwise you risk losing your money. If you want to play casino or crash, we invite you to click on the links below. You can play with confidence at a reliable casino, which will pay you your winnings unlike MyStake.

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What is Dino?

Dino is a MyStake casino exclusive game. You can compare Dino to a crash game like JetX or Aviator.

In this game you watch a dinosaur that runs and increases a multiplier as long as the asteroid does not fall on him. The goal of this game is to guess at which moment the asteroid will fall on the dinosaur, and to collect your bet before it does.

All players place one or two bets maximum per round and the goal is to let the multiplier rise as high as possible before the asteroid crashes.

dino casino game

If the player exits before the asteroid hits the Dino, he gets his bet back multiplied by the number the Dino takes with him. If the asteroid crashes before he exits the round, the player loses its bet. This is a real-time game and you also see what other players are betting and winning.

It is possible to place automatic bets (auto collect) and still get out of the bet manually (collect) if you feel it is time to stop. Once the asteroid has crashed, the winnings are distributed to the winners and the next bets must be placed to enter the next round.

dino crash game casino

Play the Dino crash game on MyStake casino

MyStake is a recent casino that came out in 2019. It already has many slot machines as well as Dino and other mini games. MyStake offers you a lot of deposit optiosn to credit your player account (VISA, MasterCard, Neosurf…).

It is a casino that has a good looking design and is very easy to navigate whether you are a beginner or an online casino veteran. You will find slots, live casino, mini games as well as sports betting for your utmost pleasure. The casino allows its players to withdraw up to 15 000€ per month. MyStake offers its players a 24/7 customer support.

How to play the Dino crash game: the rules

  • Maximum multiplier is 10,000x.
  • Minimum multiplier is 1x.
  • Minimum bet is 0.20€
  • You can bet up to 1000€ per spin.
  • You can place two bets per game round maximum.
  • You can set up each bet manually and afterwards collect them separately.
  • You can place an automatic collect for each bet. You must put a Collect multiplier greater than 1.
  • If the Dino does not get hit by the asteroid before your multiplier, your winnings will be validated.
  • You can check the result of the last 100 spins.
  • In case of a problem with the game system, the bets will be refunded.
  • Theoretical return to player (RTP) is 95.0 – 95.9%.
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Dino crash game: frequently asked questions

Is the Dino game an easy way to make money?

Dino is just like a lot of slot machines and mini casino games: it is based on luck and luck only. There is no sure way to predict when the asteroid will crash. Nonetheless, there are strategies you can apply t o try to play smarter.

What is the best Dino strategy?

There is no strategy that guarantees you will win 100% of the rounds you play. If you feel like it, you can apply bet sizing and balance management techniques when playing this game. For more information, we invite you to read our guide « How to Win at JetX: tips and strategies ».

Is Dino a trustworthy online casino game?

Yes, Dino is a reliable casino game. It’s a game of chance, but there is nothing to stop you from having a lucky run and withdrawing your winnings.

Is it possible to play Dino for free?

No, it is currently impossible to play the Dino game for free.

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