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How to win at JetX: tips and strategies

JetX is a very popular game that was first seen on Cbet casino. This crash game promises you infinite win multipliers. Let's find out what is the best JetX strategy.
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jetx strategy

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Hello. If you arrived on this page, you must be looking for tips and advice to win more frequently at Cbet’s JetX. You are at the right place, we have lots of things to tell you about this online casino game. Fasten your seat belts, the plane is about to take off.

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What is JetX?

JetX is an arcade looking slot game that was created by SmartSoft Gaming. It was first featured on Cbet, but has since expanded to other casinos such as Casinozer and Bitcasino under the form of the Aviator game. This game has a great retro look that will remind you of Atari games and other classic games from the 80s. Basically, this game is a graphic interface developed around a random number generator (RNG).

jetx game casino

In this game, a plane / jet takes off and starts flying until it crashes. As long as it flies and rises higher and higher, the multiplier that is attached to it keeps growing. When it crashes, the round is over. This games belongs to the category of the crash games.

How to play JetX?

When playing JetX, each player places one or several bets, trying to guess at which multiplier the plane will crash. The longer the plane flies, the higher the multiplier of your bet gets. You can bet between €0.10 to €300 per round. It can crash at any moment, even at 1.00 multiplier. There is no limit as to how high the plane can fly (range 1 to infinity).

The whole point of the game is to manage to cash out before the jet plane explodes. As soon as it crashes, your bet will be lost. Will you play it safe by cashing out early, or are you a player who wants to take risks and hit these high multipliers?

During a game round, hundreds and thousands of players are betting simultaneously on the same plane. As the round progresses, you see the other players cashing out. Will you be influenced by their decisions?

Auto-withdraw or manual withdraw

When it comes to cashing out, you have two options. You can either choose to do it manually, when you feel like it, or you can activate the auto-withdraw mode. With this option, you can set a goal multiplier at which you will automatically hop off the current round. Of course, if the plane crashes before this said multiplier, you will lose.

Activating auto-withdraw does not mean you can’t withdraw manually. This is why some players put a mid to high multiplier in auto-withdraw mode such as 20-30 and withdraw manually before reaching this multiplier if they feel like the plane is about to crash.

Three level jackpot

JetX also has a nice three-level jackpot feature that adds even more interest to the game. How to win these jackpots? As the plane progresses, it will travel through three levels: Planet, Galaxy, and Space. Each of these levels has a random jackpot attached to it. No matter your stake, if the jackpot triggers, you will get your share of the pool.

What is the best JetX strategy?

JetX is a game based around a Random Number Generator (RNG). As this game revolves around luck, you understand why there is no JetX strategy that ensures you winnings at every round. This being said, there are techniques or play styles that are adopted by some of the players that you should know of.

Basically, these techniques revolve around bankroll management, bet sizing and evaluating when to take risks.

3 tips to be a successful JetX player

The tips, tricks and advice we are about to give you are not 100% winning techniques. They are just a way to try to reduce the casino’s advantage by playing with a strategy instead of playing randomly. In fact, while you can only cross your fingers when playing slot machines, you can adopt playing strategies on games like Blackjack and JetX.

Never forget that even if you get several lucky sessions in a row, at the end the mathematical advantage of the casino will catch up on you.

#1 – Betting big on a low multiplier & betting low on a high multiplier

This is a widely used technique by JetX players. They place a big bet on a low multiplier with auto-withdraw, and uring the same round they place a small bet on a high multiplier. This strategy has two goals. The first one is to limit the risk while trying to ensure recurrent wins and to keep your balance stable, with the big bet. The small bet, on the other hand is here to try to hit a big multiplier that could boost your balance.

Example: Bet €6 with a 1.40 multiplier on the left, and on the same round bet €0.5 on a x30, x50 or even x100 multiplier on your other hand. Of course, we advise you to size your bets according to your balance, so your session does not end too fast. Don’t hesitate to read our guide « Online casino bankroll management: learn to play smarter » for more information on this matter.

#2 – Play volatile and cash out as soon as possible

Another strategy can be to opt for a volatile play style. For this technique, the idea is to bet higher than you usually would and to withdraw on low multipliers. For your information, the lowest multiplier on which you can collect on JetX is x1.35. The idea here is to have recurring gains, and to withdraw your winnings from the casino as soon as you made enough profit.

Be careful, betting higher than you usually would can end up in you losing quickly if you get an unlucky streak.

#3 – Applying the Martingale to JetX

The last technique we will present you is well known from many casino players, and is also a dangerous one, for various reasons. The Martingale technique consists in starting with a small bet, and doubling it at every lost bet. Bet €1, lose, bet €2, lose, bet €4, lose, bet €8, win. You have placed a total of €15 in bets, and won €16 on your last round. This is a profit of €1.

This technique can be very dangerous if you don’t have a big bankroll. Let’s see why.

The limits of the Martingale

Martingale is a very risky technique for various reasons. The first one is that most casinos clearly announce it is forbidden on their terms & conditions. The second one is that you need a pretty big bankroll to adopt this play style without going bankrupt in case of an unlucky run.

Why? Because even when starting with a first bet of €1, in only 9 lost bets in a row, you will have to bet €512: €1 – €2 – €4 – €8 – €16 – €32 – €64 – €128 – €256 and finally €512. If you want to try the Martingale on JetX, we advise you to start with even smaller bets such as 0.2€ or 0.4€.

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