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Lightning Dice: rules, tips and betting strategy

Lightning Dice is a famous Live casino game from Evolution Gaming. Learn everything there is to know about this game: its rules, some tips and even some betting strategies. Play Lightning Dice on the best online casinos of the moment thanks to Become Gambler.
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lightning dice guide

All about Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice is a unique live casino game that came out of the mind of the game provider Evolution (formerly known as Evolution Gaming). It was released the 1st June of 2019. If you enjoy playing Lightning Roulette because of the Lightning feature, you will like Lightning Dice as this feature is also part of this game. This is a simple yet very entertaining live casino game that is available to be played 24/7.

Today, we are telling you everything you should know about this great game. Learn its rules, discover some tips and strategies to play it better than you are already playing it.

This article is the fourth in our series where we present you the Evolution Gaming game shows. Feel free to read the other ones we wrote about Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Crazy Time and Deal or no Deal Live.

Where to play Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice is a game that is available to be played on almost every online casino in the world, for one very good reason. This reason is simply that Evolution Gaming is the leading live casino games studio in the world. Discover our selection of online casinos on which you can play this game:

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Cresus is the most popular online casino for French speakers. This casino was founded in 2014. Cresus has become a giant in the world of online casino. It was launched by the group by CNCL B.V. Their loyalty program is excellent with many deposit bonuses and free spins.

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For many players, the design of the casino is representative of its quality and reliability. This is not really the case, but it is always a plus when the visual identity is worked out. It gives an idea of the investment of the owners in the project. Lucky 8 casino is for us one of the most well-designed gaming platforms. Neither too much nor too little, it is a pleasure for the eyes, especially during endless gaming sessions. If you are a fan of the club atmosphere and dimmed neon lights, you will undoubtedly be seduced by its aestheticism.

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Arlequin casino is an online gambling platform recently founded in 2021. The casino belongs to the famous Mountberg group which operates many casinos. This one puts at your disposal a rather interesting welcome bonus. Indeed, you will be able to benefit from a 100% bonus up to 300€ as well as 10 free spins by going through our partner link.

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Casinozer is an online casino that was established in 2021. It is truly an excellent casino for several reasons. The first is its three excellent welcome bonuses: one for sports betting and esports, one for the casino and live casino, and one for high rollers (on the casino and live casino as well).

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Casino Extra is one of the pillars of the French-speaking online casino. Founded in 2013 by the MTM Corp group, which also owns Fatboss and Dublinbet online casinos. On this gaming platform, you can find a well-stocked game library, including Pragmatic Play’s game library as well as its iconic games.

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Our opinion on Lightning Dice

Lightning Roulette was a great invention from Evolution Gaming. Only one year later, the game studio released Lightning Dice which is also really nice. If you are a player who likes Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Feature and the excitement it provides, Lightning Dice is definitely a game that is made for you.

What is great about this game is that it is extremely easy to understand. It does not take a long observation time before you can start playing and having fun. This is precisely what distinguishes remarkable games from the others.

How to play Lightning Dice

In Lightning Dice, three dice are thrown. Your goal is to guess the sum of the outcome of these three dice. For example, if the three dice land on 5, 3 and 4, the winning bet would be 12. There are a total of 16 betting spots, which range from 3 to 18. Each spot has its own payout, that ranges from 5x to a maximum of 150x. This is, of course, before the Lightning feature gets into the equation.

Let’s see how a game of Lightning Dice unfolds.

Betting time: the different bets and outcomes

When joining the Lightning Dice game, you discover a sober and classy studio with a big transparent tower sitting at the middle. A host is there to interact with the players, to activate the Lightning switch and to throw the dice. This is a very entertaining and fast-paced game.

lightning dice

Like we said before, players can bet on 16 different spots from 3 to 18. Three is the smallest possible outcome (triple 1s) and 18 is the biggest possible one (triple 6s). As these are very rare outcomes, they are obviously the ones which pay the most (150 times your bet). Find below the Lightning Dice betting area.

lightning dice bet area

As you can see just above, you can bet individually on one or multiple outcomes, but that’s not all. You can also bet on Low (3 – 9) or High (12 – 18) but it only pays 2x. It’s like betting on red or black when playing roulette. That’s not the most exciting thing to do. You can also bet on Any double which also pays 2x, or Any triple which pays 25 times your bet.

The smallest bet you can place is 1€ and the biggest is 2000€. Play the game and find out how to size your bets according on each different payout slot. If you are lucky enough, you can win up to 150€ with a 1€ bet (and even more thanks to the Lightning feature). Not bad, right?

Here is a summary of the Lightning Dice payouts:


There comes the lightning!

Bets are over. There is one more step before the host puts the dice on top of the Lightning tower. You guessed it right, it’s time for the Lightning feature to be enabled. Once bets are closed, the host activates the Lightning switch and 2 or 3 slots are given a random multiplier.

This random Lightning multiplier can go from 5x to a maximum of 1000x. Will your lucky number be the one that gets multiplied and will be the outcome of the three dice?

No more bets: let’s throw the dice

It’s now time for action. The bets are closed and the Lightnings have hit 2 or 3 spots. It is now time for the host to put the dice at the top of the Lightning Dice tower. The three dice fall randomly inside the tower, hitting transparent rotating blocs and transparent pins that look like a Plinko or Pachinko board. A camera follows the dice in their fall until they reach the table.

Once the dice are not moving anymore, their total sum appear on the centre of the screen and the winning players get paid. The list of winning players appears on the left side of the screen while bets are opening for a new session.

Lightning Dice: strategy and advice

You should absolutely never forget that Lightning Dice is a game of luck, just like any casino game. But this does not mean that there are no betting strategies you can apply to optimise your way of playing this game.

Here are a few tips you can apply to try to play this game smarter.

Bet on the most probable outcomes

Some dice sums have more chances to appear than others. Why? Because there are several dice combinations that can form these numbers. Betting on these is a good way to secure regular winnings. This is a low risk strategy. In fact, as these numbers are most likely to appear, they are not the ones which pay the most.

These numbers are: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Always bet on numbers 3 and 18

As we said before, sums 3 and 18 are the rarest but the most rewarding outcomes. This is why we recommend that you always place a bet on these two numbers. It does not necessarily have to be a big bet, as it will be multiplied by 150 if it hits. It could be even more if it gets hit by the Lightning before the Dice are thrown.

Don’t forget to place this bet. You don’t want a 3 or an 18 to occur when you forgot to place this important bet.

Feeling lucky? Go high-risk high-reward

Some players don’t like to play safe and prefer taking risks. If you are one of these players, then you should bet on the numbers which provide the biggest payouts. These numbers are 3, 4, 17 and 18. If you hit one of these and you placed a big bet, you will win big!

About Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a world famous European casino games studio that is specialised in the creation of Live casino games. It was founded in 2006 and it became in only a few years the World’s leader in its domain. This game studio is very proactive and keeps creating new games on a regular basis.

Among the famous games this studio offers are the classics such as Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Baccarat. It also adapted famous TV game shows into live casino games such as Monopoly Live and Deal or no Deal Live. Finally, it also has a whole selection of live casino game shows such as Crazy Time, Mega Ball, Dream Catcher, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt…

For more information about Evolution Gaming, feel free to read our article « Evolution Gaming: all about the best Live casino game provider ».

Is this game difficult to play?

Lightning Dice really isn’t a difficult game to play. Just take a few minutes to observe it before you start playing and you will have a good global understanding of how it works. There is nothing complicated about this game. You just have to bet on the sum of three dice.

What is the maximum potential win of Lightning Dice?

On a single round of Lightning Dice, you can win up to 1,000 times your bet.

Is Lightning Dice available to be played in demo mode?

It is not. No Evolution Gaming live casino game is available to be played in demo mode.

Do we have to deposit big to play this game?

No, you don’t have to deposit a big amount of money in order to play this game. In fact, the minimum bet on this game is only 1€.

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