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You just started playing online casino but you don't know where to start or how to play to complete your wager requirements? Take a few minutes to read this article, it will help you improving the way you play casino. Become Gambler gives you its best tips in order to beat the odds, to manage your balance, and cashout some money at the end of your session.
Big Win Slots
Edited on 19/04/23 by Valentin MDA

Online casinos are an excellent way to improve your cashflow while having fun doing it. However, there are rules you must respect to avoid sinking into gambling addiction.
Read more to see how you can win on online casinos.

Be aware of the risks you take

The red line you should NEVER CROSS:

  • Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Always see gambling as an entertainment.
  • Always take a break when you lose too much money during your session.
  • Never use gambling to distract you from your life problems, there are better ways to do that. Go have a beer with your friends instead.
  • Making money is never the number one purpose of gambling on online casinos. It is not safe, you should consider it as entertainment.
  • If gambling is getting on your nerves, you should stop gambling of ask to be self-excluded from the online casino you’re playing on. Those are not for everyone.

The Best Games to play on Online casinos

If every player has his own way to play on Online Casinos, we will share with you a good way to maximise a player chances to win.

Playing Slots to wager

Most online casinos slots offer a very good “RTP” – Return to player – rate, between 90% and 98%. Playing slots is the best way to try completing the wager requirements of your bonus and withdraw the money you won if you manage to hit good bonuses during your session. Slots are the most popular casino games.

If you don’t know which slots to play on, take a look at our Twitch streamers Vause & KittyR6.

A good tip should be for you to raise your slots bet after several “dead spins” to three times your original bet. That improves your chances to have a big win or a jackpot on the slot.


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Which casino slot best fits your style?

There are several types of slots:

  • The one-armed bandit slots (3 reel classic slots machine):
    It is the oldest type of casino slots. A 3×3 grid with fruits or 7’s.
  • 5 Reel slots:
    Most online slots moved away from 3 reel classic slots, and turned to 3×5 lines slots which allow more paylines and big wins. New slots are also more attractice for the players, with a lot of work put into the graphic appearance of the machines.
  • Progressive slots:
    Progressive jackpot slots feature a Jackpot that increases with every player’s bet as long as no one hits it. It takes time to farm these slots, but if you hit the jackpot, the reward is great.
  • Mobile slots:
    Since smartphone users are now used to playing lots of games on their mobile device, slots provider adapted their slots so they can be played both on desktop computers and on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). You can start your session on your desktop computer or laptop, continue it on your tablet, and finish it on your phone.
  • Mega Spin slots:
    Mega Spin slots allows you to play on 4 or 5 slots at the same time on the same screen. That feature often comes with the Progressive and Free spins one.
  • Multipliers (slots feature):
    After you win a bet, some slots offer you a multiplier feature in which you have the opportunity tu double, triple or quadruple your winnings. To do that, you have to guess the color, face or number of a card that will be dealt. You can do it a few times in a row until you win up to 100 times your initial winnings. If you guess wrong, you don’t win anything.
  • Multi-payline slots:
    Multi-payline slots offers you the opportunity to get crazy big wins with a lot of paylines. They can be straight, diagonal or even zig zag for a maximum of 25 paylines!

Playing on Blackjack tables to boost your balance

When you lose too much money on slots, you’ll probably feel a bit tilted. The best way to cool down and to avoid spewing your balance is to take a break. You can also try to play a few hands on a blackjack table to try to win back what you just lost. Just fixix you a lose and a win limit.

By the way Blackjack is a great way to bump your cash flow before you come back on slots machines. For an example : You lost 200 coins from your 700 coins cash in, what u can do is to fix you the limit loose of 250 coins on Blackjack Tables and try to get to 800 coins.
To do that, you need to fix an original bet, an increased bet and a downed bet.

The basic bet:

The basic bet is your main bet at the Blackjack table, in general it represents 8% of your balance (for the example it will be 8% of 500 coins = 40 coins)
This bet is your reference bet, you have to play it everytime you don’t know what amount to bet.

The increased bet:

You have to use the increased bet after losing 3 hands in a row. Your increased bet should be an addition of 2/3 of your basic bet (here it will be 40 Coins x 1.65 = 66 Coins). Go back to your basic bet as soon as you win.
The other moment you should increase your bet is to do it when the shoe is Hot (when the shoe will soon change and most of the low cards are gone).

The small bet:

Sometimes, it is safer to bet small, especially when the shoe was changed 5 to 15 minutes ago. The small bet is here to prevent you from losing too many hands against a low card on the dealer’s hand (the small bet represents 1/3 of your original bet, here 40 divided per 1.34 = 30).

Those bets work even more on Live Blackjack Tables because you can mute the dealer’s sound and focus on the drawing of cards. If you do so, your chances to beat the dealer won’t increase, but you will regulate your losses and be able to increase your balance with several games of blackjack.
This strategy minimizes the House Edge.

On Evolution Gaming Blackjack and live game tables you can also play the side bets. It’s a great option if you like volatility, as the RTP is worse than in regular Blackjack but you can catch some great wins with the Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets!

blackjack table

Learn from other players

The number One advice of gambling is to observe. If you can’t observe and take knowledge out of it, you will never be able adapt your game style in order to win.

By the way there are thousands of gambling videos on Youtube and a lot of things to learn!

You can also check our featured streamers Vause & Kitty to see them play casino daily and hit big wins!

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