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The best ‘Crash’ type casino games

The 'Crash Games' or 'Crash Casinos' encompass games of the 'Crash' type such as JetX and Aviator. However, these games are not the only ones in their category. Today, we share with you the essential games of this category in this online casino.
Edited on 5/09/23 by Melany FD
Best Crash-type casino games

List of Crash casino games

Today, online casinos are gaining increasing popularity among the general public. Game developers quickly recognized this and strive to produce increasingly amazing games to retain users. Whether it’s slot machines or live casino games, the competition is fierce, but it extends beyond these categories. Mini-games like JetX, also known as ‘Crash Casino,’ are engaged in fierce competition.

Today, we present you with a list of the best Crash-type games. This list does not represent a ranking from best to worst but aims to highlight various Crash casino games. It’s up to you to select the game that interests you the most.

Where can you find Crash-type games in online casinos?

icon casinozer

Casinozer is a crypto casino that opened its doors in 2021. In addition to its online casino section, this platform also functions as an online bookmaker.

Furthermore, Casinozer offers new users a choice between two welcome bonuses. A bonus is available for each player profile. It will depend solely on you and your gaming preferences.

As for the first option, you can enjoy a 100% bonus up to €500 and 50 free spins. The second option is more suitable for players who prefer to bet on competitions or matches, thanks to a €50 free bet.

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What is Crash Casino?

For those familiar with online casinos or various streaming platforms, you have probably already heard of it. These are the famous games that TikTokers and other less scrupulous influencers promote to make easy money. But in reality, these are games of chance, and they cannot be controlled.

But why is this type of game so popular right now? Well, there are several reasons. Firstly, these are games that require no experience, making them perfect for beginners. They allow new players to have fun quickly and enjoy themselves. Secondly, they are quick games with short rounds, allowing players to increase their balance rapidly. Furthermore, this game is entirely automated, which means you won’t need to wait for a dealer or for a bonus round to finish.

This type of game is often associated with a themed setting specially created for it. Sometimes, depending on the selected game, the object of the bet may be different. You may encounter an airplane, a spaceship, a simple curve, a soccer ball, a dinosaur… But the principle remains the same.

Playing a round of Crash Casino

To start a round, you first need to place your bet. Once the timer runs out, the round begins, and a multiplier increases more or less before crashing. This multiplier is added to your bet and determines your potential winnings. Be cautious, though; Crash Casino is still a game of chance. Therefore, you need to cash out your winnings before the object of the bet is destroyed. If you don’t cash out in time, your bet and potential winnings will be lost. Finally, after the crash, a new betting period begins for the next round.

Our opinion on Crash Casino games

This category of games has been part of the casino landscape for quite a few years now. We can attest that we have played a number of crash games, and the verdict is clear. It’s difficult to get tired of them and not come back multiple times. Whether it’s for a quick takeoff at the beginning of a session or spending hours on end, this category of games is truly enjoyable. Furthermore, on the majority of games in this category, you can observe other players and communicate with them using a chat feature.

For us, this is a category of games that every gamer should try at least once in their gaming journey. However, it’s important to stay vigilant and have strong nerves. The major challenge in these types of games, in our opinion, is not being too greedy.

JetX: The Birth of a Phenomenon

JetX is an online casino game developed by the studio Smartsoft Gaming. It’s a retro-style game, somewhat reminiscent of what you could find on old gaming consoles. What you need to know is that all these games have the same underlying mechanism, centered around a random number generator. However, it’s the skin that covers the interface that makes these mini-games so addictive.

Jet X EN

As you can see, in JetX, as the name suggests, it’s a plane (jet) that takes off and serves as the object for the bet. As long as it remains in flight, the associated counter (multiplier) continues to increase. However, once the plane crashes, the multiplier disappears, and the round immediately ends.

Aviator, the Resurrection of JetX

Aviator is a crash-type game that achieved great success thanks to JetX. Cbet being the main platform that hosted this game, after it closed to English-speaking players, Aviator became the game we often saw highlighted on social media.

Aviator EN

Many influencers then advertised this game as revolutionary, claiming that it was possible to make a lot of money in a very short time. Indeed, this is true, but it’s important not to forget that it’s a casino game based solely on luck and chance. That’s why, even if you always cash out right away, you can still end up losing quickly.

Crash X and Crash X Football

Crash X is an original game exclusively available on the Casinozer and Yonibet gaming platforms. Just like its counterparts, the object of the bet is a spaceship, accompanied by a multiplier. Aside from the game’s skin, which is slightly different with shades of blue and purple representing space, the game is identical to Aviator.

Crash X EN

As for Crash X Football, it’s a copy of the first game. However, in this version, the spaceship is replaced by a football that is launched into the air. In this game, when a player decides to cash out and collect their winnings, a character emerges from the football and exits the screen.

Crash X Football EN

What sets this game apart from its initial version is the addition of a slight video game aspect with ranks and additional statistics. Plus, take advantage of it; it’s the perfect crash game during this World Cup season.

Run, Dino, Run!

The Dino game is a real favorite for us. However, upon its release, the only casino that offered this game was the MyStake platform. As you know, we strongly discourage playing on this online casino. However, as of the time of writing, you can find this great casino game on Casinozer. And unlike MyStake, Casinozer is a platform that pays its players.

Dino EN

We believe this game is inspired by the ‘Google Chrome T-Rex‘ that appears when you lose internet access and there’s still an active tab. Here, you won’t have to dodge cacti or birds; instead, you need to exit before a meteorite crashes onto poor Dino.

Magnify Man: The Superhero

Magnify Man is a representation of the Aviator game but with a superhero as the object of the bet. In this casino game, the round begins when Magnify Man finishes his run and takes off. He will then ascend higher and higher until he escapes. The round ends immediately, and the next one starts loading.

Magnify man EN

Other online casinos to play ‘Crash Casino’ games

We have selected for you other casinos that offer mini-games. These are all reliable and secure online casinos.

  • 7Signs: 100% up to €500 + 2100 free spins
  • Millionz: 100% up to €5,000 + 50 free spins
  • 5Gringos: 100% up to €500 + 100 free spins
  • Slots Palace: 100% up to €500 + 100 free spins
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