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Online casino withdrawal limits: the complete guide

Whether you are a new or experienced casino player, there is one thing to look out when looking for a casino to play on: withdrawal limits. While we all look at maximum withdrawal limits, we tend to forget about the minimum amount we can withdraw. Lucky for you, Become Gambler has written a complete guide about casino withdrawals.
Published on 11/03/2021

There is plenty of online casinos out there. All of them have specific ways of working whether it considers the deposit methods, the slot machines it integrates, the bonus terms and conditions,… Today, we will focus on withdrawal limits. Very soon, they will have no more secrets to you.

Always look for information about such limitation before making a deposit. Knowing this information about the casino you play on is the assurance you will not be disappointed when making a withdrawal request.

What you should know is that there are two kinds of withdrawal limits: minimum and maximum. We will cover both of these to make everything clear for you.

Why are there withdrawal limits on online casinos?

As players, we all find withdrawal limits to be annoying. Let’s be honest, there is nothing we can do but to comply with it. Some players have issues with these limitations. Why? Because they are tempted to gamble their winnings rather than waiting for their next withdrawal to be available. If you recognize yourself in this, read our article « Online casino bankroll management: learn to play smarter ». It will help you.

We know there’ s a question that burns your lips: why are there withdrawal limits on online casinos? Sit back and relax, we are about to tell you all about it.

The minimum withdrawal limit depends on the casino’s payment provider. Some of them only allow a minimum amount to be withdrawn. Withdrawing really small amounts of money would cost them as much as they give you.

The maximum withdrawal limit is the one you are the most interested in. Basically, it only allows you to withdraw up to a certain amount per week. If you want to withdraw more, you will have to wait for the next week.

One of its roles is to ensure the casino’s financial stability. Of course, most online casinos have big bankrolls. But when small ones have multiple jackpot winners, spreading out withdrawals is a relief for them.

Other than withdrawal limits, what is also important is the time the casino takes to validate your withdrawal request. While some casinos are very quick to respond, others tend to take two to three days. Are they doing this in hope that you want to play more and lose some of your winnings?

Maximum withdrawals with an active bonus

There is another kind of withdrawal limit that you should be aware of. When you take a deposit bonus or any other kind of bonus, some casinos may apply a specific limit to how much you can withdraw from this promotion.

For example, on some casinos, you may only be able to withdraw up to 10 times your initial deposit. If you don’t want to have a bad surprise when asking for a withdrawal, always read the casino’s bonus terms and conditions.

Are you looking for a good deposit bonus? We gathered the best online casino bonuses just for you.

How do casino withdrawal limits work?

Depending on the casino, your withdrawing limit will either be daily, weekly and/or monthly. It will also be more or less large. On some casinos, you will be allowed to withdraw €2,000 per week, while on others it will be even higher. Lets us explain how these limits work.

Withdrawal limits can be based upon three things:

  • Amount: The casino sets the maximum amount you can withdraw in a single transaction. If you want to withdraw €2,000 but the limit is set at €1,000, you will have to do it in two times.
  • Time: In this case, the casino limits your number of withdrawals over a time period (one or two withdrawal per week for example).
  • Time and amount: It is the most common withdrawal limit. It combines the two previous limits we just saw. For example, you will be allowed to withdraw €1,000 or €2,000 per week.

If you don’t like withdrawal limits, an advice we can give you is to choose a casino with the higher limit possible. Another solution is to play on Bitcoin casinos. Why? Because most of them have no maximum withdrawal limits.

If you are not averse to cryptocurrency gambling, this may be an ideal solution for you.

Can I increase this limit?

Yes, you read this title right. It is possible to increase your maximum withdrawal limit on most online casinos. How so? Simply by playing on the casino.

The more you play, the more you climb your way into the casino’s loyalty program. At some point, you might even become a VIP casino player. With this status comes a lot of advantages such as boosted promotions, exclusive bonuses, and also a higher maximum withdrawal limit.

The casino you are looking to play on has a low withdrawal limit for regular players? Take a look at its loyalty and VIP programs. You might be surprised at how better things can get if you play there on a regular basis.

Withdrawal limits of the main online casinos

All casinos have different limitations in term of withdrawals. As we know it’s always helpful to have a global view of this, we compiled a table of our partnered casinos withdrawal limits.

You can find it just below:

casinomin. withdrawalweekly max. withdrawalmonthly max. withdrawal
Wild Sultan50€5000€20000€
Lucky Luke20€1000€4000€
Prince Ali20€2500€10000€
Monte Cryptos25€1000€4000€
Casino Extra20€5000€20000€
Dublin Bet20€5000€20000€
Magical Spin20€2500€10000€
Royal Rabbit20€2500€10000€
Evolve casino30€2500€10000€
Banzai Slots10€2500€10000€
Sticky Wilds20€2500€10000€
Stake0.002 BTCno limitno limit
Bitcasino1 mBTCno limitno limit
Icon Wild Sultan
Wild Sultan
100% up to €500 +20 free spins
Special Offer
i Claim my bonus
Icon Cresus casino
200% up to €500 + 500 free spins
Special Offer
i Claim my bonus


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