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How to play the game ‘Dice Twice’?

"Dice Twice" is a game available in the online casinos Casinozer and Yonibet. Your luck determines whether you have chosen the right color or not. Learn how this innovative and original game works before diving into it.
Edited on 6/09/23 by Melany FD
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Dice Twice” is a game that you can find on Casinozer and Yonibet. These casinos offer other mini-games like Fury Stairs, Towers, Hamsta, and many more. However, Dice Twice is quite different from the various games already available, and we will introduce it to you in this article.

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Our tips for increasing your chances of winning:

Tip number 1: Deposit a minimum of €20 to take advantage of the 100% bonus. Having a boosted balance will give you a better chance of winning.

Tip number 2: Dice Twice is a game with low volatility, allowing you to bet small amounts without risking too much money. We recommend trying it out while adjusting the settings to your liking to get the hang of the game.

What is the game “Dice Twice”?

The game “Dice Twice” is available on the gaming platforms Casinozer and Yonibet. It’s a game of chance that will keep you entertained.

When you enter the game, you’ll encounter a circle divided into two colors: blue on the left and red on the right. First, you’ll need to adjust the game settings to your liking, and we’ll delve into these settings in more detail below. The game is simple: with each bet, you choose whether to bet on the blue or red side. By default, the game is a 50/50 split, with each round divided into equal segments. If you guess correctly, you’ll win a prize multiplied by the multiplier indicated by the chosen color.

Game Dice Twice

Below, you’ll find an explanation of the betting area in “Dice Twice“:

  1. Determine whether you want to play in manual or automatic mode.
  2. This is the amount of the bet you want to place.
  3. This is the slider to adjust the color intensity and game multipliers.
  4. These buttons allow you to start the game round.
  5. Here, you’ll see all the details based on the color currently displayed in the game.
Bet Dice Twice

Let’s take an example for the game Dice Twice:

When you adjust the slider located above the dice roll, the multiplier will change. Depending on your selection, you’ll have more or less chance of landing on one of the colors. The less space a color occupies, the higher the multiplier will be, but the chances of landing on it decrease. For instance, if you place 90% of the blue color inside the circle and decide to bet on blue, your chances of landing on it are very high, and you will win 1.08 times your initial bet for that game round. If you bet on red and, by chance, you land on it, you will win 9.75 times your bet.

Game example Dice Twice

The advantages of the online casino Casinozer:

Casinozer, an online casino that came into existence in 2021, features a futuristic and user-friendly design. It remains easily accessible whether you are a beginner or an expert in the world of online casinos. In addition to slot machines, it offers live casino games and mini-games. Furthermore, the Bookmaker section allows you to bet on your favorite matches in real-time. The casino allows its players to withdraw €1,500 per 24-hour period and up to €10,000 per month. The Casinozer platform provides its players with highly responsive customer support. Feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions or issues.

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The conditions of ‘Dice Twice’

Below, you will find additional information about the game ‘Dice Twice‘:

  • The minimum bet is €0.10.
  • The maximum bet is €100.
  • The game’s return to player (RTP) rate is 97%.
  • The maximum possible win on a single game round is €10,000 or the equivalent in your currency.

FAQ Dice Twice

Can you make easy money with the game “Dice Twice”?

You can increase your chances by choosing the color with the lowest multiplier, but you won’t win much. With a high RTP, you potentially can win a lot of money, but you can also lose it just as quickly. Ultimately, how you manage your money is in your hands.

Is Dice Twice a reliable game?

Yes, Dice Twice is a reliable online casino game. It remains a game of chance, but there’s nothing stopping you from being lucky, winning, and subsequently withdrawing your winnings.

Is it possible to play Dice Twice for free?

Yes, it is possible to play the game “Dice Twice” for free on the online casinos Casinozer and Yonibet.

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