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Can online casinos refuse to pay you?

Can online casinos refuse to pay their players? Yes they can, but for very specific reasons. Read this guide so you don't make any mistake and end up in this kind of situation.

Let's find out what are the reasons for which a casino would not pay its players.
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can online casino refuse to pay player

We all love playing online casino, whether it’s slot machines or Live casino games such as Blackjack, Crazy Time, Poker, and others. Many of us have read the crazy stories of players who won the Jackpot when starting from almost nothing. Unfortunately, we have also read the stories of some of these players not getting paid. Why exactly can online casinos refuse to pay you? This is what we will explain to you today.

7 reasons why online casino can refuse to pay you

There are a few reasons why online casino can sometimes refuse to pay a player. We will go into details on seven of these reasons, to be sure you never end up in this situation.

You did not respect the bonus terms and conditions

This is the most common reason for a casino not paying a player’s winnings. When playing with a deposit bonus, you have to respect a certain number of betting conditions, known as wagering requirements. Most of the times, you will have to complete a wager (bet a set amount of money before withdrawing), and have to respect a max bet per spin (5€ most of the times).

We really really insist that before taking a bonus on any casino, you take a few minutes to read its bonus terms and conditions. Reading these will avoid you making any mistake that could see your winnings being voided. For more information on most online casinos bonus terms and conditions, read our online casino reviews.

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You submitted incorrect personal data at registration

Always be sure to fill correct personal data when registering on an online casino. Making mistakes on your name / surname, address or any other information, intentionally or not, could see your winnings being voided. Why? Because the casino will think you tried to cheat it, and that you are not being honest to them.

Just take your time when registering on a new casino, and they will never have this excuse to refuse to pay you.

You played casino when being underage

Whether majority is at 18 or at 21 where you live, never play casino when being underage. Most of the times, things happen like this. You create an account lying on your age. You win money and want to withdraw it. The casino asks for verification before validating your withdraw, and you are stuck.

In this case, you will not only see your winnings being voided, but you will also be banned from the casino.

Your ID does not match the information on your profile

This one is close to the incorrect personal data reason. When the casino asks for verification, be sure that your ID and other documents matches your name, surname, date of birth and address. If it doesn’t, the casino could refuse to pay you. If you move out to a new place, just ask the casino live support to change your address if you can’t do it yourself on your profile.

You created multiple accounts

It’s a common thing for some players to create multiple accounts on a casino in order to benefit from its welcome offer several times. NEVER DO THIS. Casinos don’t allow players to have more than one account, and clearly state in their rules that someone caught having multiple accounts will be banned.

Don’t be that player, only create one account on every casino you play, and you will be fine.

You used someone else’s credit card to deposit

Crediting your player account with a credit card that isn’t yours is something we don’t recommend. For safety reasons, casinos only want their player to deposit with their own credit card. If you don’t have money, don’t deposit. If your credit card does not work on a casino, look for other options such as crypto casinos or casinos that accept PayPal.

Trust us, you don’t want the casino to refuse paying you just because you used your girlfriend’s or roommate’s credit card.

You used a VPN while it was forbidden

On some casinos, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help you unlocking some game providers and slot machines that are not available to your location. However, you should know that not all casinos allow VPN usage. Always check the casino rules before activating a VPN, just to be sure.

What can I do if a casino refuses to pay me?

If a casino refuses to pay you, the first thing you have to understand is why. An online casino has no interest whatsoever in not paying a legit player’s winnings as it would hurt their reputation. Most of the times, it is the player’s fault when the casino decides not to pay out the winnings.

A casino refused to pay you, and you are 100% sure you respected their terms and conditions? Don’t wait any longer and write to their client support.

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