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Are casino streamers advantaged?

Do they deposit? Do they play fake money? Are they advantaged compared to regular players? Don't wait any longer and discover the questions to these questions you all have about Twitch casino streamers.
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Edited on 17/01/23 by Sickness
are casino streamers rigged

The famous streamer advantage?

It is not rare when a Twitch casino streamer hits a big win to see reactions in the chat such as « they never lose », « I never win like this » or « they play fake money on rigged slot machines ». So, are casino streamers advantaged by the casino during their sessions? This is the burning question we will answer today.

As this question is not the only one people have about Twitch casino streamers, we will answer a few of them in this article.

« Casino streamers are advantaged, that’s a fact. »

If this is what you think and have always been thinking, there is unfortunately not much we can do to change your mind. But if you are open to hearing some solid arguments, the rest of this article will be really useful to you. We will tackle the most common questions about casino streamers one by one. This way, you will have all the elements to make up your mind on this matter.

Of course, we understand why some people have this opinion about casino streamers. No matter which streamer you are watching (Vause, Bidule, Loopoo, Teufeurs, Ekanos, Doc Jazy…), you have probably seen some of them hit insane wins on slot machines. Every time they hit a big win, some people will write “rigged” in the chat. For most viewers it became kind of a meme to write that. But some viewers really think they have some kind of unfair advantage on casino games. So the question is: are casino streamers playing rigged slot machines to attract more players to their partner casinos?

You may be surprised to hear this but yes, casino streamers are advantaged, in a way.

The one advantage casino streamers have over regular players

Yes, you read that well. Casino streamers have an advantage over regular players. Of course, it is not the one you are thinking about (i.e. rigged games / slot machines). While casino can quickly become a costly hobby for a regular player, it does not cost that much for casino streamers.

Why? Because most of them are offered money from the casino for their streaming sessions. See that as an investment from the casino’s perspective. They offer money to a streamer to advertise their website and attract new depositing players. It’s a win-win partnership between the streamer and the casino.

Do they deposit like regular players?

While most casino streamers only play with the bonus money offered by the casino, some of them deposit from their pockets. Even when they deposit, the casino offers them 200% or even 300% matching deposit bonus. Why? Because it allows them to entertain their audience, to stream longer, and thus to advertise the said casino longer.

Sometimes, you will see new streamers on the Twitch slots section. As they build their communities, most of them are making deposits with matching bonuses. In the end, some of them quit streaming casino because it is not profitable for them in the long run. The Grail all casino streamers should look for are bonus money deals (with wager).

Are casino streamers playing with fake money? Can they withdraw?

No, the bonus money the casino gives them to start their sessions is not fake money. After completing their wager (20x, 35x, it depends), they are allowed to withdraw their winnings. « Can they withdraw it all, even if they win a crazy amount of money like 100 000€? » Well… It depends.

It mainly depends of what kind of partnership they have with the casino. On casinos where they are offered bonus money, their withdrawal limit depends on their affiliation performance of the month. The more new depositing players they attract to the casino, the more they are allowed to withdraw. On the other hand, if they deposit with a matching bonus and complete their wager, most of the time they have no maximum withdrawal limit.

Casino streamers are not advantaged: here’s why

Casinos and streamers have no interest whatsoever engaging in this risky path, for various reasons. If it came to light that a casino streamer had some kind of unfair advantage, it would hurt his reputation badly, and he would no longer be trusted by his viewers. An indirect repercussion of this would be that as viewers stop following him, he could end up losing his partnerships with the other casinos he works with.

As for the casino, the repercussions would be even worse. It would not only hurt its reputation, but also have the players stop trusting this casino. The casino would end up losing tons of money from this bad advertising, as players would stop playing there. As casinos have a gaming licence, it would most likely end up losing it.

« Why do I see them hitting insane wins regularly then? »

Yes, all casino streamers have hit crazy multipliers when playing slot machines. But that does not mean that they play on boosted RTP slot machines or anything else of this kind. The explanation is actually really simple. They end up hitting enormous wins because they play way more than regular players. While a classic player gambles occasionally, a casino streamer is live for 4 to 7 hours, 5 to 6 days a week.

You can easily understand why they end up getting these big wins on some of their sessions. But if you watch their streams on a regular basis, you will notice that they are not luckier than the average player. They sometimes have long streaks of unlucky sessions, just like you.

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