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How to count cards in Blackjack?

The mysterious world of blackjack is brimming with strategies, rumors, and legends. Among them, card counting is arguably one of the most controversial.
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count cards blackjack

Why count cards in Blackjack?

Counting cards in blackjack is an advanced technique that involves tracking the cards already dealt to determine the remaining probabilities of drawing favorable cards for the player. This enables making more informed decisions, thereby increasing the chances of winning and gaining an edge over the casino.

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How does card counting work in blackjack?

Card counting in blackjack is an advanced strategy where players assign values to cards to track their distribution. Cards with low values increase the game’s value, while high cards decrease it. Players adjust their bets based on this value to maximize each win by anticipating each upcoming card, but this technique is often banned in casinos.

Top strategies for card counting in blackjack

To count cards in blackjack, follow these steps: assign values (+1, -1, 0) to cards, keep track of the count, adjust your bets based on the count, and make decisions based on probabilities. Use popular counting systems like Hi-Lo. Practice to hone your skills, but be discreet to avoid being kicked out of the casino.


The Hi-Lo counting system is one of the most popular card counting systems in blackjack. It assigns specific values to cards to assess the card distribution in the shoe. Cards with low value (2-6) are assigned +1, neutral cards (7-9) are 0, and high cards (10-Ace) are -1. Players use the Hi-Lo count to estimate the remaining cards in the game. A high count means there are more high value cards left, which is favorable for the player. Conversely, a low count indicates a higher proportion of low value cards, favoring the dealer.

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The Knock-Out System

The Knock-Out counting system, also known as the KO system, is a popular method of card counting in blackjack. It assigns specific values to cards to assess the card distribution in the shoe. Cards with low value are counted as +1, while high cards are counted as -1. Neutral cards are typically counted as 0. Players use this system to gauge the imbalance of remaining cards in the game. One of the advantages of the Knock-Out system is its simplicity compared to other more complex card counting methods. This makes it accessible to players of various experience levels.

The Omega System

The Omega card counting system is an advanced method used by blackjack players to evaluate the card distribution in the game. Designed by Bryce Carlson, this system assigns specific values to cards, including fractional numbers, for precise tracking. Cards are categorized into multiple groups based on their value, allowing players to maintain a detailed count. One unique feature of the Omega system is its ability to account for discarded cards, providing increased accuracy. Players use this system to estimate the imbalance of remaining cards in the shoe and adjust their bets accordingly.

What’s the recommended card counting system?

The choice of card counting system in blackjack depends on the player’s skill level and preferences. For beginners, the Hi-Lo system is often recommended due to its simplicity. It assigns clear values to cards, making it more accessible.

For experienced players, more complex systems like the Omega system or the Knock-Out system offer increased accuracy, but they require in-depth learning. Some players prefer unbalanced systems like the Red 7 card counting system, which simplify card tracking.

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Mastering card counting in Blackjack

To master the art of card counting in blackjack, it’s essential to understand how points are assigned to cards. Each card in the game is assigned a specific value, and these values often tally as either a positive, negative, or zero point, depending on the version of the counting system you’re using. As a member of a counting team, your role is to track the cards at the blackjack table and maintain an accurate tally. Counters and team counters collaborate to maximize the impact of their counting on the total cards remaining in the shoe.

Is card counting legal?

Card counting in blackjack isn’t illegal, but many casinos view it as a breach of their internal rules. They have the right to eject players who employ this technique. However, in many jurisdictions, card counting isn’t considered a criminal offense; it’s simply discouraged by gaming establishments.

Maximizing your chances in Blackjack

When approaching the game of blackjack, several elements are crucial to maximizing your chances of success. The Hi-Lo blackjack is one of the most commonly used card counting systems, allowing players to track the card distribution and adjust each bet accordingly. Understanding blackjack probabilities is fundamental to making informed decisions with each hand. A solid blackjack strategy, based on mathematical principles, can diminish the casino’s advantage. The blackjack insurance option is often available, but it’s essential to understand its impact on the game. Finally, well-chosen blackjack tips can enhance your gameplay and help you avoid common mistakes.

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Can you win at Blackjack without counting cards?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to win at blackjack without counting cards. Players can succeed by employing a solid basic strategy, managing their bets appropriately, and understanding the rules of the game. While card counting can provide an advantage, it’s not necessary to win at blackjack.

How does card counting help win at Blackjack?

Card counting enables players to track the card distribution in the game, giving them an idea of the remaining cards in the shoe. This allows them to make more informed decisions, adjust their bets based on the count, and increase their chances of success by anticipating the upcoming cards.

Do Blackjack dealers count cards?

Blackjack dealers typically don’t count cards, as their primary role is to manage the game and adhere to casino rules. However, they are trained to recognize players who are counting cards, which can lead to the player being expelled from the casino.

How long does it take to learn card counting?

The time it takes to learn card counting varies depending on the individual and the learning method. Generally, it can take several weeks to several months to effectively master card counting.

Is card counting complicated in Blackjack?

Card counting may seem complex at first, but with practice, it becomes easier. Different counting systems vary in complexity, with some being simpler than others. Mastering card counting requires perseverance and training.

How to practice card counting?

To practice card counting, players can use decks of cards at home, card counting apps, or practice in free online casinos. Regular practice and familiarity with a specific counting system are essential.

Who invented card counting in Blackjack?

Card counting in blackjack was popularized by Edward O. Thorp, an American mathematician, in his book “Beat the Dealer” published in 1962. Thorp is often considered one of the pioneers of card counting in blackjack and contributed to its spread.


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